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In responding to a workshop evaluation form at our most recent seminar in Chicago, greater than 90% of respondents gave a 4/4 on all questions pertaining to the workshop organization, content and presentation. 100% of respondents gave a 4/4 to the question "I would recommend this workshop to others."

Past attendees say:

The seminar was well paced, informative and entertaining. Thank you!

KUDOS - to Dr Dodman!! I will honestly tell you that I've never attended such a well-organized lecture before. I'm extremely impressed with how well Dr. Dodman kept "to time" as most lectures are interrupted by lengthy questions or the presenter has strayed from topic. Great information presented in an engaging manner!

Very much enjoyed seminar. Dr. Dodman was excellent!!

Extremely helpful w/my behavior practice. Very practical. Most seminars teach varying degrees and approaches in resolving many common behavioral issues. This seminar focuses on the underlying causes of Behavior issues. This has always been a part of my approach and have learned a great deal in helping me to serve my clients and their dogs better. The Best seminar Ever! Keep up this most important work! You are so appreciated!

The seminar was one of the best I've attended. Dr. Dodman covered his topics thoroughly, was on time, handled his audience well, answered questions, gave very clear case study examples and with humor! All of my friends and colleagues agreed, truly professional start to finish, a fantastic educational weekend.

This was fantastic! Dr. Dodman was charming, compelling, and informative!

This was my first seminar and I am a dog owner and train only my own dog. I found the information very helpful.

This was the best $250 dollars that I have ever spent! Dr Dodman is an incredible speaker. He is interesting and entertaining and extremely knowledgeable. His concern for animals shows. Dr. Dodman is most fantastic. Very informative and engaging- Easy to follow- Brilliant!

The workshop exceeds my expectation all because of how knowledgeable Dr. Dodman is. He is also an excellent presenter. I enjoyed this workshop tremendously. Thank you!

Dr. Dodman's seminar was wonderful! He is both brilliant and a joy to listen to.

I attended the seminar at Narnia a couple weeks ago. I found it highly informative (and entertaining). I've already started using the info in my veterinary practice. Again, I really enjoyed the seminar and meeting you.

Also, I wanted to let you know that due to your discussion of partial seizures, my vet and I have put my Min Pin mix on a low dose of Phenobarbital and the difference in her is night and day: she's no longer hiding, staring, doing that weird backward huffing/gulping; she's not excessively whining or scared of being picked up. WOW. All I can say is thank you.

I really enjoyed the seminar in Pasadena, and have recommended it to every trainer I know, and my vet!!


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