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Sun Protection For Dogs

Some people ask whether dogs need sunscreen. The answer is some do, some donšt. Dogs that donšt need any protection from the sunšs rays are those with uniformly pigmented dark skin and hair. In these dogs, melanin, the pigment in skin, provides full protection. White dogs and those with white patches are protected from the sunšs rays by their hair coat - but only in areas of skin covered with hair. These dogs need a little help from their friends (you) if exposed (hairless) areas of unpigmented skin are to be protected from burns. Typically, the tip of the nose and ears qualify for sunscreen in such dogs to provide protection against the harmful effects of UV rays. Sunscreen of SPF 15 (or greater) should be used. Even with sunscreen in place, it is a good idea to avoid exposing pale-skinned dogs (and Englishmen) to the midday sun. Early morning and late afternoon are much safer and more comfortable times for dogs like this to be out and about on hot days.

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