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Is Your Pet A Star?

In his latest book, Star Pet, and in an interview with me, Bash Dibra says, yes, every pet is potentially a star. Don't be limited by thinking that your pet, dog or cat, can only perform at a basic level: Reach for the stars! Teach higher level training, have fun, shape your diamond-in-the-rough, enhance the bond you have with your pet and cure behavior problems.

Step 1: Create a well trained star pet in your home. Read how to teach basics and fancy responses, like opening the door or literally jumping through hoops, in Bash's book.
Step 2: Take your well trained dog on the road, first locally to school's or nursing homes for peoples' entertainment.
Step 3: Newspapers start calling you for stories and advertisers call to use your dog or cat in commercials.
Step 4: For people whose charisma and personality suits, the big time, TV or film, await.

Whether you get your pet from a shelter (good idea!) or a breeder, all pets can be trained to a high level and will benefit from and enjoy the teamwork it involves. That furry face peering out at the shelter may be a star in limbo waiting for someone like you. You could find yourself a new friend and a new career to boot.

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