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Nothing to Sneeze At

Particularly at this inclement time of the year in the Northeast, clients ask me whether their pet can catch their cold or flu. The answer is no. Dogs and cats don't get "colds" and cats only get cat-specific types of flu. So even if your nose is streaming, your head's thumping, your muscles are aching, and you're sneezing like crazy, you have no need to worry that your pet might catch your germs. Sure, dogs sneeze if they get an irritant up their nose and some engage in the bizarre habit of reverse sneezing - but human cold and flu viruses have nothing to do with either. And cat flu is a very real, highly infectious disease complex that affects cats but not humans. So our colds and flu are ours and ours alone to suffer. It is also true that if our pet starts sneezing or has a nasal discharge we need not be concerned about our own health - though checking with your veterinarian would certainly be in order.

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