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Overweight pets

As people spend more time working at the office (and surfing the Web when they get home), pets are often left to their own devices-eating too much and dozing the hours away. Like their owners, dogs and cats are not getting enough exercise. At least one out of four is overweight or obese. Clients say to me, "I walk my dog every day!" but this isn't enough-my 90-year-old mother and I used to go on walks and neither of us would get out of breath. Pets need aerobic workouts. Each session can be brief, but total time must be at least 20 minutes a day. With dogs: Play vigorous games of fetch or take them jogging. With cats: Respect their fondness for siestas and encourage exercise mornings and evenings before meals. Have them chase an object on a string; change the object when they get bored. Sure, their interest may hold for only 10 minutes, but minutes add up, and, a little exercise is better than none at all.

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